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Posted By: Boardwalk Properties |  Mar 29
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I’m sure most of us have watched one of those reality home search shows where a prospective buyer enters a home and immediately declares, “This color is awful. There is no way I could live in this house!” Believe it or not, this happens more often than you’d think. The reality is that most of us just can’t picture a house past it’s carpet, color, or even existing furniture.

This is one of the reasons Real Estate agents often recommend staging or even a little painting before a house is listed. By removing some personal items, simplifying the furniture layout, and painting walls white, you are creating more of a blank canvas to view. This will help a prospective buyer see their own furniture in the room, and see its true potential. Color, furniture size, and placement can make a big difference in the way a room looks.

As a buyer, we need to put aside personal taste. If we can look beyond the pink wallpaper, and orange shag carpeting, we just might find a diamond in the rough. Even if we can’t picture a room with new colors and our furniture, it’s important to understand a few basic truths. Walls can be painted and carpet can be replaced fairly easily, and without a lot of expense.

The same thing goes for the outside of a home. While basic architecture would be difficult to change, paint and landscape is certainly doable. You’d be amazed at the difference a little change in landscaping can make to the appearance of a home.

If you’re still struggling with a potential house you like, and a décor you don’t, you can always ask your Realtor what they think. Or invite a trusted friend with decorating experience to take a look at it with you, either in person or through a few pictures. Maybe bring along some paint color swatches and a carpet sample on your next walk through. It may seem silly to do in a house you haven’t even made an offer on yet, but then why not? If it helps you see a house as your home, I say go for it.

So the next time you walk into a house and wished you’d kept your sunglasses on just remember, you may be looking at your diamond in the rough.

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