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Fortunately for cat owners, finding cat friendly apartments in Boston is slightly easier than finding dog friendly apartments. Nonetheless, cats just bring different issues along with them, like where to place a litter box. Even though some landlords are more inclined to allow for cats, you are still limited to pet-friendly choices and should begin your apartment hunt sooner than the average renter. Apartments for rent in Boston go quickly and those with pets have an even more competitive market to dive into. Start with your apartment hunt, but then make sure you secure your residency in that apartment by maintaining your cat’s lifestyle respectfully.

Finding a Cat Friendly Apartment

As with all apartment hunts, begin your search with some in-depth research. Check out our article, “Tips to Find Apartments for Rent in Boston” to get started with the basics. To find an apartment that allows for your cat, simply find an indicator through the online listing (ours looks like the photo below), or ask the landlord or property manager before you go to view a home.

You always want to find out prior to a viewing if the place allows cats because there is really no point in looking if it does not. You will have a nearly impossible time convincing the landlord or property management company to change their minds.

Once you do find that perfect apartment for you and your pet, you will want to make sure you’re ready to apply right away. Have all your pet’s vaccination records in advance, in case they are required.  Some landlords will ask you to for extensive landlord references on your pet’s behavior etc.  Did you leave the property with pet scratches and other problems where the landlord was upset at the condition of the property?

How to be a Respectful Cat Owner in an Apartment Building

If you have a cat, you know they are naturally curious and adventurous little creatures. If your cat will literally never leave your little apartment, then you can probably skip this section. When your cat likes to explore, chances are they will try to explore your whole building at some point in time. They will even get up on the roof if you let them.

You’re thinking, “Yeah, my cat will wander down every hallway and across every rooftop until they have explored all there is to explore in their kingdom.” Well, you may have forgotten that your neighbors’ apartments may be included in that exploration map. Not all cats will just wander into the apartment next door, but some certainly will.

If your cat is adventurous, nosey and sheds some serious furballs, then follow these few tips below:

  1. Make your apartment more cat-friendly and adventurous so they don’t feel as heavy of a need to explore elsewhere.
  2. Greet your neighbors! Let them know about your cat and even introduce them. Find out if they are allergic and do your best to cut down on the pet dander in the hallways.
  3. Common areas and cats are like magnets sometimes. Whether your cat likes people or wants to investigate when everyone is gone, they will leave hair behind. It will end up in the hallways, on the stairs, any common area seating, etc. Clean it up! Sweep, use a lint roller to make sure no chairs are covered in hair. Cat hair can be a serious nuisance to someone without a cat
  4. Have you ever walked by someone’s apartment and you can actually smell their litter box with the door closed? Don’t be that neighbor. Keep it clean, keep it smelling fresh. Not to mention, if you ever let your litter box get that bad, chances are the smell will never actually leave the apartment and you will lose your deposit.

Indoor Cat Tips 

While general apartment rules are dandy, what if you just want a refresher on how to keep your apartment wicked awesome for cats and guests alike? We have that here for you too. Below are some basic tips for keeping your cat indoors. These will help your cat, you and your guests all enjoy your apartment a little more.

  1. Safety First: Prevent high-rise syndrome by ensuring your windows are covered with secure screens and using a dowel or object to prevent sliding screens and doors from opening any further than your cat’s head. If you have a balcony, you can ask your landlord if you can enclose it with chicken wire to create a “catio.”
  2. Keep it Clean: You should clean daily with a cat. Despite their reputation for being prissy and licking themselves all day, cats are filthy creatures. Living in an apartment with one requires a lot of attention to your cleaning schedule, or just sticking to one at all.
  3. Pre-emptively Scratch: All cats have to scratch. It’s just part of their nature. Before you go and get your cat declawed, consider adding a scratching post near the furniture and using catnip on it to encourage them to use it. Then spray a “no scratch” spray of some sort on your furniture to train them away from using your precious decor as a scratching post. Don’t forget to trim their nails to minimize the damage during any accidents they may have with your furniture.
  4. It always comes Down to the Litter: Keep 1 litter box per cat plus one extra. Cats actually need 2 litter boxes. They’re picky little animals. To keep these litter boxes from easily stinking up your whole house, make sure you keep only 2 inches of litter at the most on the bottom of a large pan and do not use a lid or liner; scoop the box daily; wash the box once per week with a baking soda rinse or unscented soap; and keep the box out of sight of the cat’s food or water. You will probably also want it somewhere where you and your guests cannot see it also, if possible.

When it comes to living in an apartment with a cat, the trick is to set it up in a fun and cat-friendly way, respect your neighbors, and clean regularly.

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