Skills Every Boston Renter Needs to Know

The idea of renting does not usually come along with thoughts of handy skills, like using tools or basic plumbing. And yet, every renter needs to know how to unclog a drain, change a shower head and use a screwdriver or drill. You should not call your landlord every time your shower drain seems clogged. […]
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Jan 05

Open House Prep: 5 Tips to Get You Started

One of the very first things that happens after your house goes on the market is an open house. And now, with Spring finally here, open house season is officially upon us. This gives you the perfect chance to really showcase and highlight your home, which hopefully, will get it sold quickly and for the […]
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Mar 24

Should I Get Renter’s Insurance for My Boston Apartment?

When you buy a home or car, insuring the new property is a given. But for some reason, you rarely hear people talk about renters insurance. When you think about it, this is surprising – Your rental property probably contains nearly everything you own! Read on to learn the basics of what renters insurance is […]
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Feb 07

Space-Saving Ideas for Boston Apartments

Despite its charming atmosphere, Boston is a big city, not a small town. It is known for bustling intersections, Victorian triple-deckers packed tightly along the sidewalk, and small apartments. If you are working with a smaller living space than you are used to, check out these space-saving tips from Boardwalk Properties that are perfect for […]
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Feb 01

$14 Million Made Available for Affordable Housing in Boston

Mayor Walsh solidified his commitment last week to build 6,500 new units of affordable housing by 2030 by providing $14 million in funding available through two Request for Proposals, each for $7 million a piece. 
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Oct 11

Top 10 Tips for Boston Subletting from the Boardwalk Properties Experts

At Boardwalk Properties, our team of real estate experts is here to help make the subletting process as easy as possible. If you are planning to rent out your Boston apartment, there are a lot of factors to consider. In order to make the subletting process as smooth and seamless as possible, we have used […]
By: Boardwalk Properties
 Dec 15