Top 5 Moving Tips from the Boardwalk Properties Team

Posted By: Boardwalk Properties |  Oct 21

Boardwalk Properties is Boston’s premier real estate services company, providing resources for first-time buyers, clients looking to sell their property, purchase a new place or relocate to a new apartment. While we understand that the moving process can often be stressful and complicated, we aim to make this time go by easier for you by providing useful advice every step of the way. Read on to see our list of the top tips and tricks for making your move successful.

  1. Boxes – If you’re nervous you don’t have enough empty boxes to store all your things, you can simply go into a deli or a local retailer and ask if they have any boxes that they want to do away with. They’ll be thrilled to get them off their hands, and you’ll be happy to have the extra packing material. Some apartment movers will provide you with extra boxes in case you run low on packing materials.
  2. Label – This is a crucial part of the packing process. Not only should you label each and every box, you should also write down which room they will go on. To make it easier to spot, consider using colored post-it notes for differentiation. You’ll be able to identify which box goes where that much quicker.
  3. Overnight Bag – If you’re like most people, the last thing you’ll want to do after a full day of packing is to then spend the night unpacking all of these items. Instead, pack the basic things you will want to use in an overnight bag so that you’ll have the toiletries and clothes you need most at your side. Also, keep your electronics and jewelry in this bag as well, just as an added precaution against theft.
  4. Padding – On top of using the standard newspaper method for wrapping your delicate glasses and dishware, consider packing these items in socks and sweatshirts for extra protection. Nothing would be more disappointing than opening your boxes to find broken shards of glass and ceramics. Take this extra step to save you the headache.
  5. Electronics – Have you ever looked at the back of your television set and marveled at the mess of tangled wires plugged in every which way? Now imagining settling into your new home and wanted to catch a movie or a show. Getting all these plugs in the right place can seem near impossible if you forget how they were arranged. Here’s a simple solution: take a photo of how they are connected so you can reference it when the time comes.

If you want to learn more about these helpful moving tips and many others, contact the Boardwalk Properties team to get all the assistance you need! We’ll provide you with our list of resources to ensure you hire the right moving company and acquire the materials you need to make your next move stress-free!

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Boardwalk Properties Posted date:October 21, 2014
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